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Mortgage Donations

New Donation Oppertunity

You have a worthless mortgage
or promissory note.
You've given up on ever collecting on it.
Foreclosing on it is a bad idea.
Maybe it's a junior note
about to be wiped out by a primary foreclosure.


Unfortunately, we no longer take mortgage donations.
Not because of any problems, but
because we've turned that over to a
specialized charity set up for accepting them.

Victims Relief, Inc.
is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charity
set upto deal with
Timeshares, Mortgages, and Real Estate.

How are they different?
They handle all the paperwork and filing of deeds
instead of relying on a title or escrow company.
You choose an escrow company to hold and
protect your money until they're done.
This allows them to help you much faster and
not have to deal with the resorts
trying to block the process.

go to http://victimsreliefinc.com/index.html

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