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We Buy Timeshares

You want to get rid of your timeshare.
We will take it off you hand - NOW


We are a charity that will accept any timeshare that:
Is fully paid off
Owes no ownership fees on the date of deed recording
Uses a deed for transfer
Can be transferred using only our corporate name
Regardless of location, condition, age, or any problem
How fast can it be done?
AS fast as a closing company can record the deed
How much does it cost?
Usually between $500 and $900 depending on the closing company   (See details here)
What does the charity get out of this?
$500 out of the above fee is paid as a service fee
What does the donor get?
The donor gets rid of their timeshare bills forever
The donor is free ASAP
The donor gets a $5,000 donation income deduction

I'm ready - Let's get it done!

This is NOT for everyone!!
If you can wait and want to get high dollars in your pocket
this might not work for you.
We do not pay cash to you.
We arrange for the IRS to pay you.

Find out how.

You'll know in advance what cash you will receive.
Your choice of closing company will tell what the total costs are.

There's no cost until you're ready to complete it.
Only when you approve the closing company costs will you pay them.
We NEVER get paid until it's all done and the deed is sent to us.

You'll finally be free of life long ongoing association fees.

To know more click here.


Go to the Timeshare Donation form



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