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We Buy Timeshares


We give you the details others try to hide

Which of these options are you considering?

  1. Sell through a free or very low cost web site?
    If it works, why are you here?
  2. Sell through a high priced web site?
    How much money have you lost?
  3. Sell on eBay?
    Be prepared to NOT sell for $1, but at least try it.
  4. Donate it?
    Many are not accepted and IRS limits your deduction to actual cash received (click here to read IRS law).
  5. Pay $3,995+ to give it to someone else and take an investment loss?
    The investment loss is illegal and the IRS will audit you
    (click here to read about IRS Loss Claims).


We give you an alternative.

We DO charge you a minimal fee, but we don't get paid until you're fully released from your timeshare.

Your out of pocket cost is usually $750 to $1,200, but you get a much higher tax refund than from other charities, usually more than your out of pocket cost.

This is NOT for everyone!!
If you can and want to get high dollars in your pocket this might not work for you.
You pay a fee and closing costs to donate to us and exit your tiumeshare now, but get an income deduction to get a higher tax refund then through other charities.
Find out why.
We do not pay cash to you.
We arrange for the IRS to pay you.
The catch is:
We get the Government to pay you!!
We can not get you immediate cash.
But, you will get a bigger tax return and


We DO NOT list timeshares for sale for a fee.
We DO NOT take money and give you nothing.
We ARE NOT a timeshare reseller.
We DON'T GET PAID until you are fully
released from your timeshare.

You DO finally get rid of the lifetime expense.

You DO get a special arrangement with the IRS to fund the process.

There's no cost until you're ready to complete it.

You'll know in advance what cash you will receive.

You'll finally be free of life long ongoing association fees.

Check the IRS regulations to see why.

To know more click here.



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