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Timeshares Action Steps

There are some initial requirements you must meet.
The timeshare MUST:

  • be transferable to our corporate name, Community Health Training, Inc., only. No personal name or social security number may be used.
  • be paid for in full and all timeshare fees paid current.
  • have no liens against the timeshare unit. (make sure you understand this timing issue click here)
  • timeshare contracts without a deed and foreign timeshares are handled on a case by case basis.


Contact may be by mail or e-mail:
Community Health Training, Inc.
1340 W. Lambert Rd., #84
La Habra, CA 90631

Due to spam grabbing Automatic Direct e-mails,
you must copy and past this address into your e-mail program.


If you want to call us, please send us an email first.
We are not always available. Give us your name and phone number.
We will do our best to call you at our cost for the call.


Please understand, we don't do the process.
We only accept the final deed from the closing company.
They control the process.

What's the first step?
Click here to fill out a preliminary form to send to us.
There are no obligations or costs of submission

Process and Samples
We will ask you to print a few information forms and send them to us with a copy going to your closing company.

Click here to download the checklist file in .pdf format.
Timeshare Donation Checklist.pdf

Select a closing company and let us know who it is.


IMPORTANT!!! Please understand that the date you sign the transfer of title documents is NOT the date of transfer. The timeshare is still in your name with all obligations until the actual date of recording the deed at the county recorder's office. This is very important at the end of the year. If you are wishing to donate before the end of the year for tax purposes or relief from next year's owner's fee obligation, the date on the deed as set by the county recorder will determine the true date of transfer. For all resorts we have contacted, owner's fees are due on the first day of January each year, even though payment may be made up until some time thereafter before they are considered late. Some resorts use other dates and the closing company will check and adjust your due fees accordingly. We can not and will not accept a timeshare that has not paid the current year's owner's fees and is lien free.

Because the actual title transfer is often delayed by the resort, county recorder, and various other reasons, it is reasonable to expect a completed title transfer based on the date the county recorder records the deed to take
as long as 90 days. It is rare and extremely unlikely it can ever be done in less than 45 days. Because of this, if you are contacting the closing company after October 1st, an additional deposit equal to the expected next years owner's fee assessment must be placed in escrow with the closing company. If the closing company finds a different due date is used they will adjust their deposit requirements accordingly. If the deed returned to the closing company shows a date prior to the end of the year, those funds will be returned to you. If the county recorder's date is January 1st or later, those funds will be submitted by the closing company to the resort as payment for the current year's fees.

Please don't wait until the last minute at tax time or
you'll have to wait another year to take credit for the donation.


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What do you do when ownership ends?
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