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Pain Control Without Drugs
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Trigger Point Tools

Aussie Body Tool ($39.95) Made by IHL, Inc. (includes the CD below).
Hand TP tool ($14.95) Made by IHL, Inc.

Trigger Point Information CDs

Aussie Body Tool CD (only)
All the material on this web site plus additional highly specific directions on both self and other patient therapy with additional pictures and videos for demonstration of treatment techniques.
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All the material on this website plus detailed information and training, including short movies, to train professional in the efficient and effective use of TPs in practice, whether as therapy or only for examination purposes. Included is a section on How to Use TPs Without Therapy.
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A practice management CD for professionals including forms, marketing, patient information, brochures, legal issues and directions on creating a tight paper trail for the purpose of getting paid for the work done by the professional.
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Combination Packages

Package Price = $69.95 (Was $104.85. Save 33%).
Combo #1 = Aussie Body Tool
+ Trigger Point CD + Hand TP tool
Package Price = $54.95 (Was $64.90. Save 15%).
Combo #2 = Hand TP tool
+ Trigger Point CD
Package Price = $99.95 (Was $154.80. Save 35%)
#3 - All Items listed

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