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Pain Control Without Drugs
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The Paper Trail

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This is only a very small sampling of all the pages that are available on the CD. Check the CD Filelist.pdf to see the rest of the files available. Each page is created 3 times - once as a Microsoft Word document, once as a Corel WordPerfect document and once as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. This allows you to open and edit each document to your practice requirement or print the .pdf file for exact formatting regardless of the word processor you use.

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CD Filelist.pdf CD-Files Instructions.pdf
Attorney Cuts Bill.pdf Creating Staff Procedures.pdf
Attorney Cuts Bill Letter.pdf Work Restrictions.pdf
Instructions for FYI sheets.pdf EM Codes Instructions.pdf
FYI Fibromyalgia.pdf Marketing Basics 101.pdf
FYI Signs of Stress.pdf Marketing Annual Community Events.pdf
Medical Documentation and Billing.pdf Marketing Tracking Board.pdf
Outcome Assessments.pdf DRG-Concepts.pdf
Patient Progress Report.pdf Sample Long Narrative Report.pdf
Personal Loan to Business.pdf The Law Thomas Finding.pdf

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