Community Health Training, Inc.
A Federal Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to bringing no and
low cost health care information to both professionals and the public

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Community Health Training, Inc. is a US tax exempt organization meeting all the requirements and in full compliance with the IRS for purposes of activity and receipt of donations.

Donations received are fully credited to the donor for credit as a contribution on the donors tax returns. All donations are receipted with a confirmation letter, appropriate tax forms needed by the individual and instructions on how to handle the donation on the donor's tax return.

Donations of cash, marketable items, real estate, vehicles, art, collectibles, etc. are all permissable. However, based on IRS regulations any non-cash donations will be receipted with the fair market value based on accepted valuation by independent appraisers in the field of the donated item. For example, a vehicle's value will be based on local dealers and/or lenders estimate of value. Real estate will be based on an appraisal by a real estate expert in the area, etc. Once this is done (usually takes up to 30 days) the tax donation receipt and forms will be provided to the donor. This appraisal step can be conducted in advance of the donation by the donor if such information is provided with the donation.

We have a particular donation receipt program for timeshares. We accept direct title transfers to us and do not simply try to sell it for a donor, which is often unsuccessful. For details click here.

Based on IRS regulations, if the donated item is sold for less than the stated value the donor will be sent updated receipt and forms reflecting the lower valuation for tax purposes within 30 days of the transaction.

If you are interested in contributing to the Community Health Training, Inc. please contact